To the Most Excellent WP Bloggers.


As I sat in deep contemplative and awesome wonder, my thoughts pontificating with such fervency and brilliance, it is no wonder that it occurred to me like a bright and shining star that I should be persuaded by the illustrious power of my ink sword (or in this case by the might and speed of my nimble fingers upon the keyboard) to write type this unto you.

It is most needful for me and necessary to say…I will be blogging on Tuesdays henceforth and forevermore or until further notice. It is easier to update both of my blogs (this one and on one day reducing my blogging schedule for the whole week. Now, on to the good stuff.

The Non-pretentious Employee

If only the corporate trolls would accept this as their fate work would be such a glorious experience.

The Truth We Sometimes Need to Share

I say sometimes because if this is your boss, well it is obvious you need to keep your job.

The Year Round Reality Obvious in August

For some people there is no hope. Corporate leeches!

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Hold Up!
Shut the front door…
All I was trying to do was upload a video because I need to expand my horizons and skill set in the area of technology and now WP tells me I need to pay $60 for an upgrade?


Just writing to say that I am coming back hopefully early to mid august as I am still on my grind and it is hard for a sistah to get some jungle respect but some things are more persistent in their resistance than others. Nevertheless, I am still Lady Cheetah and suckers take note to hearing me ROAR!

I tried to upload a video on my You-tube channel Lady E and so I go into a little more detail. I am not doing any kind of weave, vegan, blogging, PX90, Blaisian (black-Asian relationships) persuasion, interracial couples, why I got saved,, why I don’t like my momma tutorials. I am having fun and looking for ideas. Besides You-Tube is the new cable for me.

Looking forward to reconnecting WP’ers.

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Will resume regularly scheduled blogging when I have conquered and slayed the dragons of life. :-)

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I am an email queen and proud of it. I love the immediacy of email communication and quite frankly, tire of the pretentious social decorum exhibited because we are afraid of being perceived as “too professional.” Granted, I understand the importance and the necessity of being socially and emotionally intelligent; however, there are those who do not and their sole purpose is to live out their workplace fantasy of superstardom in the Corporate Hood. Their presence: ubiquitous. Probability of escape: 0%

The Email Call: - Thanks for calling to tell me that you just sent me an e-mail.

Really? A phone call to prelude the email. Are you really that important? As if I cannot see the envelope icon appear on the lower, right hand section of the screen.

The Selective Email Response: - Thank you for replying to part of my e-mail.

A partial response is simply annoying. Yes, I know to admit ignorance is almost a federal offense but to ignore the part you are unable to answer exhibits ignorance and arrogance. No one really cares about you saving face. If you do not know, reply with “I will research and get back with the information.” How hard is that?

Here is the one that grinds my bones!

The Rude Email: - Expect an email in all caps this afternoon.

Oi vey! Here is a tip: If you do not appreciate someone yelling at you in person, do not return the favor in written communication. Nooooo—-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooo. It is never appropriate to make your point in all caps, regardless of your status on the Corporate Hood food chain. When in doubt select font styles (italic, bold, bold italic, and underline) for added emphasis.

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If you have been selected to corrupt train the new victim employee, wait for at least three months before divulging office secrets. - Hey, new guy! Have a seat. Most people start their work day with a cup of coffee; I usually start my day with a cup of vodka.

As true as it may be, never allow this Freudian slip to happen. - Please explain how we hired a prize clown like you?

When that one work-a-holic refuses to go home asks the burning question that seemingly needs your immediate attention, kindly interrupt them and say:

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Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , - Imagine, ten years from today I will still be in the same place if I believe all the corporate lies they fed me during my internship.

Then again, I can look at this career path from a totally different perspective. - Just think of your new cubicle as a practice coffin.

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Do not let anyone lead you astray. We must have a dress code for the workplace. Otherwise, we have people coming to work making such ridiculous and inflammatory statements: - Of course this is appropriate for the workplace! Have you seen what everybody else is wearing????

Notwithstanding, those of us who have been “enlightened” should avoid passing judgment. We must be kind, gentle, patient, and tactfully instruct the wayward unto a path of corporate righteousness. - Not looking like a tramp is easy: First, put on some clothes. Then fire the deranged circus clown who does your makeup.

Finally, if all your efforts and pleas have fallen on deaf ears, remember, the next time: - I won't tell you that what you are wearing is inappropriate for the workplace, I'll just amend the employee manual.

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Alas, through many dangers, toils, and snares I have already come. O.K. Enough with the dramatics.

Truly, it has been absolute fun conversing with passionate blogging comrades, reading challenging articles, and revising this post about ten times because I wrote too many adverbs and feverishly contemplated where I should add a comma.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Cristian Mihai and Opinionated Man who were the first two bloggers who signed up on that beautifully crisp April Day or night, depending upon the time zone.

So I guess what I am really saying in my own selfishly veiled way is… - Thank you for all the hard work I've done!


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